Maharashtra Inter Caste Marriage Scheme 2024

The state government of Maharashtra has launched the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme to promote inter-caste marriages and eradicate caste discrimination. As part of this initiative, the first inter-cast marriage beneficiary couples were given an incentive amount of Rs 50000, which has been recently increased by the state government. Additionally, under this scheme, any couple in Maharashtra who is planning to have an inter-caste marriage with one spouse belonging to a Scheduled Caste (Dalit) will now receive Rs 3 lakh as an incentive, as per the recent update by the state government.

The initiative is jointly funded by the central and state governments, sharing costs on a 50:50 basis. Expected to curb caste-based violence and promote social harmony, this program aligns with constitutional principles of equality and fraternity. For further details on Maharashtra's inter-caste marriage scheme, visit the official website or peruse recent news articles. Access the list of beneficiaries and apply online by completing the Maharashtra inter-caste marriage benefits application form. Alternatively, download the PDF version and submit it offline. Information about the scheme is also available in Marathi through online searches.

Characteristics of the Maharashtra Inter-caste Marriage Scheme

In this program, a total of Rs 3 lakh will be granted to the recipient, with Rs 50,000 from the state government and Rs 2.50 lakh from the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation.

The Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme 2024 aims to promote equality among all religions by reducing caste discrimination.

This financial assistance will specifically benefit individuals who have married someone from a Scheduled Caste or Tribe.

The funds allocated under the Maharashtra Intercaste Marriage Scheme will be directly deposited into the recipient's bank account. Therefore, the recipient must have a bank account linked to their Aadhaar card.

Additionally, the scheme has removed the annual income limit, allowing more individuals to take advantage of its benefits.

Eligibility Criteria for Inter-caste Marriage Scheme in Maharashtra

Here are the eligibility criteria for the inter-caste marriage scheme in Maharashtra:

  1. Residency: The person or couple must be permanent residents of Maharashtra.

  2. Caste Requirement: At least one partner in the married couple must belong to SC, ST, VJNT, or SBC communities. (Caste certificates are required)

  3. Submission of Marriage Registration Certificate: The married couple must provide their marriage registration certificate.

  4. Age Criteria: The male partner should be at least 21 years old, and the female partner should be at least 18 years old. (Based on the school leaving certificate)

  5. Recommendation Letters: Two recommendation letters from respected individuals are required.

  6. Joint Photo: A joint photo of the couple must be submitted.

In this context, an inter-caste marriage is defined as a marriage between individuals from SC/ST/VJ/NT/SBC communities and individuals from the Savarna, Hindu Lingayat, Jain, or Sikh communities.

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